WebAction – Online sales & quotation module

  • Managing all types of rates for General Insurance, Life and Health, WebAction allows companies to very quickly deploy the resources for optimizing their sales forces.

  • Both internally (in Intranet mode), for intermediaries' network (in Extranet mode) or for the end-customer (in Internet mode), WebAction is a rating engine as well as a sales tool which is able to work on its own or integrated into an already existing system, such as NovaNet.
  • Web action
  • The GUI where all the data required for giving the quotation will be entered is entirely specific to the client's requirements (CSS, graphic standards, date entry rules...) and can be tailored according to the distribution channel: one GUI dedicated to the internal network, another one for online sales, a third one for a specific partner…

  • NovaNet Integration

    Unlike most softwares from the previous generations which only provided underwriting functionalities, WebAction is also very much 'sales oriented', thanks to an easy and very straightforward integration with NovaNet. Your quote is turned into a New Business or an Endorsement in two clicks only: you create the client or prospect, you create the policy or quote, you create the invoice.

  • WebAction is a real Software Package, and therefore benefits from the following advantages:
    • Very short time-to-market
    • Reliability and possibility to upgrade
    • Shared costs

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