• If you are looking to optimize your company's performances, MoDeLi is the tool for you. MoDeLi will assist you with all your decisions, be it in terms of client portfolio management, or broker management, by showing all your data in graphs or reports.
    MoDeLi was designed for insurance companies' leaders, in order to assist them with decision making, be it in terms of client portfolio management, or broker management, by showing the company's data in graphs or reports.

  • MoDeLi is LEADER Informatique's BI module and has been developed with the Qlikview Technology (
    The term 'Business Intelligence' describes all resources, tools and methods that allow collection, consolidation, and return of a company's data in order to help with the decision process and to give decision makers in charge of the company's strategic plans, a panoramic view of any relevant activity.

  • A powerful technology

    MoDeLi is able to combine data coming from an unlimited number of sources, with a high performance level, no matter what each source's performance level is. Access to data is extremely quick, thanks to the fact that everything is stored the system's memory.

  • The Technology in Memory approach frees the user from strict and preconceived data models. This technology gives them the possibility to do things by themselves and therefore to build their own preferred way of viewing data. This also quickly highlights relationships between different elements within the company. MoDeLi is able to provide such performance by associating data that is stored in memory, but that may come from any source, for instance: transactional systems such as SAP, Oracle, ; traditional data storage systems such as BusinessObjects, Cognos, Hyperion ; databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL: and local data coming from Excel or flat files (WORD, PDF, TXT).

  • In MoDeLi, you can click everywhere, and each click brings up a new view of the underlying data, instantly.

  • Like any other module, MoDeLi* fully integrates with NovaNet and provides users with indicators based on their data.

  • Analysis based on policies: Distribution based on companies, based on risks types or based on contract evolution over time
    Analysis based on clients: Distribution by clients' type, clients' details, client's geographical repartition

  • Analysis based on claims: Combine ratio, claims per company, per risk, per intermediary‚Ķ

  • Analysis based on accounting: Premium report, Collection report, evolution of commissions received over different years.

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