Document Management Systems

Every company has document records, whether it is paper based or electronic files. These systems can help you organize, secure and manage those documents.  From PDF, Tiff, Word, Excel, CAD, Emails, and more; The software that can help you manage all your documents need.
Unlike paper, electronic documents can be shared with clients, colleagues, etc...You can give restricted access to some, and more to others. Special permissions such as deleting, printing, emailing, and others can be given or not to different users. Our system is easy to setup and use.
If you want to know more about our document management software please do not hesitate to contact us (Email: )

We offer a client version as well as a web version. Ideal for those who need to work remotely, or have other people access their documents online.

Finally, every document can be secured and available anywhere, and anytime.



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