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For most of us these days, computers have become a way of life, a complete transformation in the ways in which we learn, work and relax has come about with the advent of widespread computer use. Can you remember your first computer? For most of us, it was an expensive, slow, clunky old thing which took half an hour to get going, and even at full speed it was a frustrating experience to even type out a simple word document. How things have changed! Over the past few years the acceleration of the speed at which computers work and process and generally do their thing has been astonishing, and we have all benefitted in endless ways from the advanced technology which most of us now take for granted as they have become part of our homes. If you, like so many people, make a living from building and repairing computers, then no doubt you find the price of computer parts a constant worry and difficulty in your line of work. It is thus becoming increasingly important and beneficial to buy computer parts wholesale, because it seems that even basic parts are costing more and more each year, as with the developments and advances in computer technology, the simple components which make up the average computer are becoming more complex, more sophisticated and thus far more expensive for the common person who makes their living from building and repairing them. The most common complaints from computer repairmen or computer builders comes from the more advanced and complex memory boards and chips in modern computers – it seems the further we go in increasing a computer’s efficiency and effectiveness, the more money those components cost. It doesn’t end there, either. The demand for high quality monitors, flat screens and specially tailored components has also driven up the cost, and people are crying out for a solution.



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